Science Of Vibration In Every Aspect Of The Physical World

Everything around you vibrates. The whole world vibrates with energy. The Hindus refer to the Dancing Siva as pervading the universe. Even a rock undergoes subtle vibrations that could not be seen with our physical eyes. The vibration creates a wave form and each wave form differs from the other.

A dancer who is lost in his dance is said to be in contact with the cosmic dance(wave) that he is attuned with. Nijinsky, a famous twentieth century Polish ballet-dancer is heard to perform gravity defying leaps and lands down like a leaf. This I observe, can only be done by a dancer who is lost in his dance and not for public exposure.

Why do people love dancing?

Why do many people like to dance? Why do most young children love dancing and later let it go as they grow older? That soothing, floating movement of the baby in the womb itself was a dance for the baby and the gurgling of fluid, the blood rushing in the vessels and the mother's heartbeat were the music to the baby.

Somehow people feel that they can get into that relaxed mode as they dance. Music melting with dancing, becomes so pleasant. You are drunk in the music and as well as the dance. You go on dancing and dancing as if you are pulled into dancing. And as you come out of it, it is so refreshing and young.

A man's temperament is present in his dance

We could come to know the many characteristics of people just by looking at how they dance. You could see some dancing with anger. There seems to be much rage coming out from their dance. Some are dancing with so much of elegance and coolness that blends so well with the music. Some dance with traits of passion. Their looks are full of passion. Sometimes, in the discos we could feel so much of sexual feelings with those young ones dancing around us.

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What could one say about these? Why these differences in qualities with each dancer? Dance brings about all these repressed feelings to the surface. It is an action that purges or an act of catharsis to all those feelings or traits that are kept inside. When you dance, those feelings will also bubble up and start dancing around you.

The divine rhythm

When you dance, get absorbed in the motion and do not think about anything else. Do not control your movements when you dance and dance deeply. Soon you will be drunk and lost in the dance that you will forget yourself. You will come to a stage where all tensions would have disappeared and you are feeling refreshed and light.

It you are aware of yourself while dancing, then it becomes a mere exercise. In that sense it is good and healthy but not as a means to reduce the strain and stress of life.

Dance, a flow of energy without restrain

Don't become a professional dancer or dancing for the show as it will stop you from taking a total plunge in it. You will be more aware of the audience that you will practice a kind of restrain.

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Movement to music, what we call Dance, is a great healer. If we can allow it, our bodies will merge with the music and a synergistic connection will take place. The music will carry us, indeed, take us, into an altered state of consciousness and into a different mode of awareness. Any music, if you can merge with it, will give you this experience, but its an experience of merging that uplifts the soul, that we will explore further here.

vibrations dance company

There are varying energies and vibrations connected with different forms, styles, melodies and rhythms of music.
Some pieces of music for example, can make you soar. Your spirit flying, you are carried away by the melody and rhythm, transported to another realm by the beauty of all those notes, running after each other, strung together in an exquisite form. Other music alters your state of consciousness in a different way. It may resonate in a different place in your body and energy system. It may cause you to feel heavy, or it may give you a trance like experience. For example heavy metal or acid music. Still, other types may help you to feel grounded and connected to the earth, like the drum rhythms in African music.

We all resonate with different sounds and vibrations. We will either 'like' or 'dislike' a particular type of music or piece of music as to how it resonates within us. When you have a knowing of what music you feel most comfortable with, you have then a unique opportunity for that music experience to be a healing one as well.
In saying this, moving to a piece of music that you don't like, while not giving you an enjoyable experience initially, can offer a chance to release and transform other energy which may emerge, as the music you 'dislike' acts as a trigger for blocked and stagnant energy to appear, and then released.

It is interesting to note the enormous variety of music we have access to and then to note what experience different pieces of music can give us. Here, music can become a great tool for self-awareness and growth – part of a healing approach to life.

The Health Benefits of Dancing

Put on some music you don't like and have a strong aversion to. Move to it – dance with it for a few minutes. Then sit.
How do you feel? Where is your energy sitting? What feelings or emotions (if any) are you aware of? Do this same exercise with music that you like and feel a strong attraction to.

Ask the same questions. What are the differences in your answers? What this exercise can show you is what kind of music you resonate best with. This music is what will make you feel good about yourself and your environment. It is positive (for you) and life-enhancing.

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It will also show you what music you are not attuned to. This music will tend to bring your energy down, you may feel have more negative feelings and it depletes your energy.

vibration dance company

When you combine music that you resonate with, with movement, you have a dance

There are many forms of dance available today. Some have a healing focus, others are purely for the pleasure of moving to music. Ball room dancing, tango and salsa are fun to do with partner. They are all about connection, partnering and having fun together! While tango is a delicious play of masculine and feminine, ( the woman must follow the lead of her partner!), salsa can be a sensual frenzy of choreographed turns and moves that gets everyone excited!

We have some lovely healing options available today including Nia, Chakra Dance, Kundalini Dance and Wu Tao. Wu Tao Dance is based on Chinese Medicine principles, the choreographed dances correspond to the elements of nature and bring a person into a state of balance, vitality, inner poise and peace.

Dance in any form helps to move and stimulate energy flow through body. When dance is combined with intention and awareness, the results can be awesome. An embodied sense of presence, where one feels fully alive in every cell is quite different to a more intellectual approach to well-being.

Dance is naturally anti-aging! Getting energy moving in whatever form takes your fancy will increase your flexibility, build physical strength, get your endorphins flowing, (they're the hormones that make you feel good!), and increase oxygen uptake in the cells. People don't usually dance unless they enjoy it. Doing anything that you enjoy, is good for you. Doing something that is good for you and that you enjoy is even better.

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